Friday, 8 June 2012

Cheeky Radio Presenter, Pete Forsyth!

Today I have the lovely, yet cheeky, radio presenter from Replay Radio, Pete Forsyth with me in my chat studio and what an entertaining person he is. Please take a seat, sit back and enjoy meeting the one and only Pete Forsyth!

Peggy: Looking towards the open door. ‘Come on in Peter, don’t be shy, though from the earlier conversations we’ve had I know that is not true, so stop hovering and sit yourself down, we got a show to get through.’
Pete: Settling into the chair opposite a cheeky smile making his eyes sparkle. ‘Before we begin, may I ask you to call me Pete? Only my Mum and other figures of authority, calls me Peter!’
Peggy: Laughing. ‘Good grief you don’t see me as a figure of authority then? Well you can rest assured, you might be able to charm the dickie birds of the trees, but you’ll find I’m not such a soft touch. But for now never mind all that, so Pete it is as you so nicely insisted.’
Pete: Winking. ‘Thanks Peggy, I feel flattered by what you’ve just said, especially about the dickie birds! I like to think I have a sunny personality and yes of course, when I see a lovely lady sitting in front of me my natural charm comes to the fore, though others may say I’m a bit too forward sometimes but that’s just me!’

Peggy: Flicking her hair. ‘Forward, your reputation goes before you, hence why you’re here. I like the rugged, the devilish and the ones who make me smile. Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty. You’re a radio presenter, now let me tell you I love radio, Terry Wogan made my mornings for more years than I care to count as his Irish brogue lifted my spirits. So baring this in mind, I would say your job is about as wonderful as mine with day in day out meetings of super stars and celebs.’

Pete: Laughing. ‘I’ve certainly spoken to some amazing people over the years. Ever heard of Collete Caddle? Not only a talented author, but like you Peggy a lovely lady. Now having said this, unlike you I don’t consider what I do as a “job”. I don’t get paid nearly enough to justify that title and anyway, if it was a “job”, I probably wouldn’t enjoy it as much as I do. I’m a zannie kind of guy.’

Peggy: Grabbing a book from the shelves behind her chair. ‘Heaven only knows what that means, zannie, but suffice to say, I love the word. Now back to this lovely lady, Collete, I’ve got a copy of one of her books here, Always on my Mind, a great read and you’re right of course, I am very much like the lovely Collete, though a tad older, but I have the same striking personality. Oh dear, we’ve rather digressed, let’s get back to you and being a radio presenter. Tell me is it necessary to have your earphones on and right in your face such a big mic?’

Pete: ‘That BIG mic, as you put it, is actually an extension of myself! I am what I say, so to speak. What I saw  through that big mic is the real me. Of course there are times when it is important, nay, VITAL, to have it securely switched OFF. But that’s another story!!’

Peggy: Interested. ‘You mean to say you forget to switch it off and little secrets get broadcast. Goodness gracious me! Remind me when you invite me to your studio to have my fingers firmly on the off button. In the meantime, I’ll pay more attention to your show you never know just what I might pick up on. Talking of which, do tell me about this funny voice you do?’

Pete: Running his fingers through his hair. ‘Oh you mean my Thunderbird sketch? It’s not my funny voice, but in fact I mime to a funny sequence I’d put together ages ago when I was living in Tenerife. I play the parts of Parker (the chauffeur), Lady Penelope, and Jeff Tracy. Complete with quick hat changes, it works quite well.’

Peggy: Folding her arms across her ample bosom: ‘Call me strange, but how do you mime on a radio?’

Pete: Shaking his head. ‘Let me explain. When I lived in Tenerife and incidentally, Corfu for a few years, I was DJ in a few fun bars and clubs where I played the kind of stuff drunk, er I mean, happy, holidaymakers wanted. Middle of the road oldie songs and current pop music! To add more fun to the evening I also did a few sketches, one of these sketches was Thunderbirds, like I’ve just mentioned. I’ll admit to you Peggy, but only for your ears, some of my sketches were only for the eyes and ears of the drunken, I mean the happy holidaymakers. And before you ask for details, I’m going to have to stop you as I couldn’t possibly offend your delicate, and may I say not unattractive, ears with what made those merry holiday makers laugh! But one thing I can tell you, and I know this will surprise you, I was responsible for exporting the very first Karaoke equipment to Corfu, way back in 1990 when you were just a slip of a girl.’

Peggy: Wringing her hands. ‘You are a naughty charmer, but I like you. Now let us get back to what we started this show talking about, your wonderful life as a radio DJ’.

Pete: ‘I can see you know which button to press to keep me talking to you and you’ve already got my measure, yes, I love being on t’radio! I broadcast from my studio which is situated in the shed at the bottom of my garden! It only just holds me and I have to squeeze myself in so I can close the door! But once in, I have everything to hand, so to speak! If you wanted to come and see my equipment you’d have to sit on my knee!’

Peggy: Batting her eyelids. ‘Oh my goodness, you are a very cheeky man, but I do love a man who makes me smile and believe you me, you certainly do.’

Pete: ‘Are you flirting with me Peggy? If you want my private mobile number, just ask!  I’ll give you an interview that’ll make even YOU blush!!’

Peggy: Laughing. ‘You’ll have your work cut out, but I’m up for being interviewed with a famous DJ anytime. I’ll scribble down your number just as soon as we’ve finished this show.’

Pete: ‘You’re on Peggy, but I’m not sure I’m a famous presenter, yet! But I’m working on it! Mind, I’m actually on three radio stations. Thursdays - 10pm – midnight, I do a golden oldies slot for ex Radio Caroline station Radio Northsea International, I also do an 80s show, Wednesdays 10pm – midnight on my local community radio station Phoenix FM, and I do a LIVE broadcast to the world on Replay Radio, Fridays 8pm – 10pm. All are great fun but Replay is the best because the listeners can interact with me LIVE whilst I’m on air. So Peggy you can natter with me anytime when I’m on Replay Radio and the world can hear us. What do you say to that? Oh by the way did I tell you I’m going to Lanzarote in the summer and it seems the hotel I’ve booked is very close to the sea, but at the top of a short steep hill. You’ll never guess what that nosey author friend of ours told me? She said  it’s quite a nice hill. A nice hill? What the f, sorry, what the heck is a NICE HILL? Anyway enough of my chat, I could do this all day you know, but before you press the off button on the mic, it’s been lovely talking to you Peggy and maybe we can do it again sometime, but next time over a glass of three of Merlot? Here’s my number, so just call me.’

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  1. Sounds like my kind of music Pete. I enjoyed the interview Peggy, maybe even as much as you did!

  2. Good for Peggy. Sounds like she had fun.