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Peggy wants to party with Bill

Peggy wants to party with Bill

Bill slinks into the room and collapses into a chair.

Peggy – ‘Ah, you’ve come back to see me, Bill. It is Bill, isn’t it?’

Bill – looks furtively over his shoulder. ‘Don’t tell Chris I’m here, I’m in hiding, and as I thought we kind of clicked the last time we met, well . . .’ He shuffles his feet and looks embarrassed, ‘. . . you see I was looking for a friendly ear.’ He looks at her expectantly.

Peggy – ‘I’ve never been called an ear before,’ she leans over and pats his knee, ‘but I’m certainly friendly. What’s troubling you, Bill?’

Bill – ‘Well, it’s like this – Chris and that Love a Happy Ending crew have arranged a shindig. They’re calling it a book launch, and then everyone’s going over to Chris’s blog for a party at Donovan’s pub’.

Peggy – ‘What’s wrong with that? I thought you liked a party?’

Bill – Squirms. ‘I like a good party along with the next guy, but come on, when was I into happy endings, smacks too much of love if you ask me.’

Peggy – ‘There’s nothing wrong with a bit of love.’ She looks at Bill over the rim of her glass.

Bill – ‘Besides that, Chris keeps feeding me whisky at these shindigs.’

Peggy – ‘Whisky’s not so bad.’

Bill – ‘I hate whisky, gives me hangovers like you wouldn’t believe. I’d rather have a rum and coke, but will Chris give me one, no way. I’ve told her and told her, but she just won’t listen.’

Peggy – ‘But you’re Scottish. I thought all Scots liked whisky.’

Bill – glares at her. ‘Not you as well.’

Peggy – smiles apologetically. ‘So tell me about this book launch.’

Bill – ‘I wouldn’t mind so much, but it’s Night Watcher, and he’s one creepy sod, I don’t really want to get mixed up with him again.’

Peggy – ‘The last time we met Chris was writing a new book. I had assumed the launch was for that one.’

Bill – ‘I wish it was but she’s still writing that, and she’s not very nice to me in it. In fact, I’m hovering between life and death at the moment, so you can see why I’m not really in the party mood.’

Peggy – ‘Oh, my! I do hope you survive. I do so enjoy our little tĂȘte-a-tĂȘtes. But tell me, why is she launching this other book.’

Bill – sounding disgusted, ‘Yes, it’s Night Watcher. I thought I was finished with him, he’s a pretty nasty piece of work, you know. But Chris says, because she’s just given him a paperback, he needs to be launched. As if he didn’t create enough mayhem in his eBook, she’s got to put him into a paperback. She’ll want to crack a bottle of champagne over him next. Mind you, if she cracked it over his head, I wouldn’t object.’

Peggy – ‘Tut, tut. However, I think I agree with you, he doesn’t deserve a paperback. But look on the bright side, you’ll get to meet Julie again.’

Bill – ‘You’re right. I did like Julie, and it’ll be nice to catch up with her again.’

Peggy – ‘Catching up, is that what you call it nowadays? In my day we just called it sex.’

Bill – blushes, ‘Well, that as well, I suppose.’

Peggy – ‘I’d like to meet this Julie, so I think I’ll pop over to the launch, and then, if you don’t mind, I’ll look in at the party.’

Bill – ‘Hmm, the launch might be OK, but you’ll have to be careful at the party.’

Peggy – ‘Why is that?’

Bill – ‘You’re such a nice lady and I wouldn’t want you to fall foul of the Night Watcher.’

Peggy – ‘D’you mean I’d get to meet him?’

Bill – groans, ‘I did say to Chris, ‘Why did you invite Night Watcher to the party?’ But she denied it was her.’

So, Who Invited Night Watcher to the Party – that’s what everyone wants to know, so why not pop over to Chris’s blog, and maybe you’ll find out, or maybe you won’t!

Who invited Night Watcher to the Party -

Chris’s website -

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Meet my Lovely guests, Sarah & Robert for A Shadow in the Past


Today, I have the pleasure of not just one guest in the “hot seat” but two. Sarah Shand and Robert Robertson, from Melanie Robertson-King’s debut novel, A Shadow in the Past, are with me here today. What you are about to learn is mind boggling, but true, so do make yourselves comfortable and enjoy my two unusual guests.
Peggy: “Welcome to both of you. Before we get started, let’s get the frilly part sorted with first. I have a bottle of single-malt Ardmore, if you would like something decent to drink. In the ice bucket there’s a bottle of bubbly. Though if you prefer something non-alcoholic, I’ve had a few bottles of Irn Bru brought in. Pains me as it does, but I’ve been lead to believe that this non-alcoholic drink is Scotland’s other national tipple. Anyway aside from this, I have some lovely nibbles, too. Haggis in puff pastry, oatcakes with Bonchester or Lanark Blue cheese (Sarah wrinkles her nose) and of course, shortbread.”
Sarah:  Opening a bottle of Irn Bru. “Thanks for having us here, Peggy. It’s great being part of Melanie’s blog tour this way. And yes, Irn Bru has been referred to as Scotland’s other national drink.”
Peggy: Raising an eyebrow. “A decent malt is what I’ve heard, but I’ll take your word for it. Anyway it’s a delight to host you both. If you change your mind on that drink, help yourself to the bubbly.”
Sarah: Sipping her drink. “Maybe after our interview, because as much as I like champagne it goes straight to my head and makes me all woozy.”
Robert: Laughing, “She’s right Peggy. If you want to get any sense out of her, keep her on the Irn Bru. Otherwise, she’ll babble on and you won’t understand a single thing she says. I’m going to have a wee dram of Ardmore, though, if you don’t mind.”
Peggy: Leaning forward and patting Robert’s leg. “A man after my own heart, do help yourself.” Sitting back in her chair and crossing her legs at the ankle. “Now have I heard this correctly, you two had a rather unusual first meeting?”
Sarah and Robert: Looking at each other, smile. “You’re right there.”
Robert: “You tell it, Sarah. It sounds so much better when you do.”
Sarah: Shifting in her chair. “You or your readers aren’t going to believe this. I still don’t. Phew where to start? ” Reaching out and taking Robert’s hand. “Talking about it always makes me a bit nervous.”
Peggy:  “My dear, you’re in good company, nerves not required, so do tell us, I’m sitting her almost on the edge of my seat in anticipation.”
Sarah: Taking a deep breath. “Okay. I had been at the stone circle on my parents’ farm and the next thing I know, I’m waking up on a sofa at Weetshill mansion. You can see the mansion from the hill where the stone circle is but it’s a couple of miles away. But how I got from one place to the other, I don’t know.”
Peggy:  Shaking her head. “My dear girl, that’s not overly unusual in this day and age with all these alkipop style drinks. It’s clear to me there’s more to that drink you claim to enjoy than you’re letting on.”
Sarah: “No no, it was really spooky. You see, this is where things get seriously weird. When I was at the stone circle, the year was 2010. When I woke up on the sofa at Weetshill, I was back in 1886. Believe you me, you can’t dream that up.”
Peggy: Taking a sip of her bubbly, coughs. “Good grief, I’ve come all over with goose bumps. I shudder to ask, but what happened next?”
Robert:  Lowering his voice. “I heard a noise outside the front door so went to investigate. I found Sarah passed out on the ground. At first I thought she was a laddie because she wore trousers. I’ve never seen a woman in trousers before so you can imagine my surprise when I discovered she was a lassie, and a rather pretty one at that.”
Sarah: Blushing. “You say the sweetest things. I’ve never really thought of myself as that. Ordinary and some days it stretches to moderately attractive but never pretty.”
Peggy: “Pretty or otherwise, there is not doubt about it that is a most unusual meeting. So Robert, Weetshill mansion, sounds like you’re well-to-do which ever century you live in. What do you do for a living?”
Robert: “I’m the Laird of Weetshill.”
Peggy: “Like Hector MacDonald in the television program Monarch of the Glen.”
Robert:  Pulling a face. “I don’t know what you mean.”
Peggy: Laughing pats him on the knee. “I’m sorry. I forgot for a moment you’re from the Victorian era, I’ll admit you’re doing a good job convincing me. ”
Sarah: “Oh believe me Peggy, Robert is from that time. Bizarre as it is and that is why Robert has no idea about television or the program Monarch of the Glen, but I can say Robert is nothing like Hector MacDonald. If you want to compare him to one of the characters in the show, I would say he’s more like Archie.”
Peggy: Smiling. “I always liked Archie. Thought he was a handsome fellow. Just like you, Robert.”
Robert: Blushing. “Thank you, Peggy.”
Sarah: Turning to Robert. “He’s so-o modest. That’s one of the things I love about him.” Reaching over and squeezing his hand.
Peggy: Picking up the book and flips through it. “I like the cover, but more importantly I’d like to ask you some more questions about your relationship because as much as I’ve seen life, I’ve not yet come across a couple who met in another century”
Robert: Holding his hand up. “Please forgive me, but I have to stop you there, I’m afraid, Peggy. We don’t want to spoil it for Melanie’s readers. We can’t tell everything here because then they wouldn’t buy the book and that would never do.”
Peggy: Tracing her index finger over the cover. “Right, right, but you can’t blame me for wanting to know. And as I just mentioned, the cover is amazing. The artist has captured your essence beautifully, Sarah.”
Sarah: “Aidana WillowRaven is the cover artist. She did a brilliant job of portraying me. And you have to believe that because I’m not one to be “out there” and now look at me.”
Peggy: Placing the book down onto the coffee table. “Your creator is a mainstream author and this is her debut novel with, 4RV Publishing, you must feel very proud.”
Sarah: “Proud is barely the word, honoured would be more correct. Melanie is a talented lady and 4RV Publishing is a great company, with really supportive and talented people there. Melanie made the right choice by signing with them.”
Where you can buy your copy of A Shadow in the Past

Here is a litte snippet about the lovey Melanie...

A Shadow in the Past is Melanie Robertson-King’s debut novel. Prior to turning her hand to fiction, she wrote articles and has been published in Canada, the US and the UK. In addition to writing, her interests include genealogy, photography and travel. On one of her trips to Scotland, she had the honor of meeting The Princess Royal.
Melanie is a member of Romance Writers of America and their Ottawa Chapter.
She lives in Brockville, Ontario, Canada along the shore of the majestic St. Lawrence River with her husband, son and oldest grandson.

Visit Melanie's web site for more information

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I'm Being Arrested by a Policeman!!

Today, in my chat studio, I have a policeman! Nothing to do with me and the law, though I can say, he his very arresting! Do joins us, I promise you Mark from Somebody to Love, will have your sirens blaring!

Peggy: Perusing him over her glasses as Mark walks in the studio. ‘I see you’re in uniform. And if I might be so bold, looking rather delectable and perfectly gift-wrapped in blue, have you any idea what that does to me?’
Mark: Smiling a twinkly-eyed smile, removing his cap.  ‘Uh, oh.  You’re not going to ravish me, are you Peggy? Not that I’d mind, of course.  It’s just that I’ve already been ravished three times this morning and I’m a bit worn out, to be honest.’
Peggy:  Smiling knowingly.  ‘Don’t tempt me PC, Evans. I might be old but I’m certainly not past it. There’s more than sherry runs through these veins, hot blood for starters!  So why a policeman?’
Mark: ‘Good question.  May I?’  Indicating to the comfy chair opposite Peggy.  ‘I suppose I’ve always wanted to be a policeman…’
Peggy: Sighing and settling back in her chair. ‘Sorry I’ve made you lose your thread, but do carry on constable!’

Mark: Biting his lip to stop laughing out loud. ‘You known how to distract a man, now back to being a policeman, I’ve wanted to be one ever since I was involved in a road accident…’
Peggy: Sitting forward.  ‘A road accident?!’
Mark:  ‘No, not me physically, Peggy, don’t worry.  I witnessed an accident as a child: Two lads, younger than me - a couple of years below me in school.  They were engrossed in swapping cards or something, chatting away, as kids do, and they stepped into the road without looking.  I could see they were going to.  See the accident even before it happened.  The kid nearest the car went over the bonnet and…’
Peggy: Grimacing. ‘Oh, how awful!’

Mark: Holding his hands up and smiling. ‘No worries, he was OK.  Well, that is, he made a full recovery.  Turned out his ribs were cracked, though, and he obviously didn’t know what day it was.  Anyway, long story short, I supported his back, yelled at someone to call an ambulance; kind of knew I had to keep him talking, so I got him to tell me his telephone number and then got someone else to support him while I ran over the newsagents to ring his mum.’
Peggy: Admiration making her face glow. ‘What a lovely thing to do.  How very thoughtful. I could tell as soon as you had stepped into my studio, you were a kind, decent young man.’ 
Mark: Blushing.  ‘Nah, more instinctive, really.  I was pretty sure his mum would want to get to him asap, and I was absolutely sure he would want his mum, so…’
Peggy:  Blinking emotionally.  ‘You’re a saint. One in blue of course.’
Mark: Laughing.  ‘Yeah, not sure Donna would see me in quite that light.  I, er, lied to her, you see.  I mean, we’re OK now, but… Well, I wasn’t very straight with her.  Not something I’m proud of.’  Running his hand over his neck, looking thoroughly ashamed.
Peggy: Sighing again, wistfully.  ‘A saint, definitely. But before we go down the Donna route, let’s finish this part of the interview. So weren’t you destined to be a paramedic, then, rather than a policeman?’

Mark: Puckering his brow. ‘I did quite fancy the idea, I must admit, until the police attending the accident gave me a ride home in the patrol car.  I was late by then.  My dad worked away a lot and I knew my mum would be on her own worrying about where I was, so the police gave me a ride in the passenger seat and that was it.  I was like, wow, this is what I want to do: Protect and serve – and drive a patrol car.’  
Peggy:  ‘I can tell you you’d certainly turn my head if you were to take me home in a patrol car. Now now, you’ve got me being silly, you naughty boy, let’s get back to the script.’ Checking her notes. ‘I see your wife ran off and left you?  Sounds to me she’s need her bumps checking.  You’re a good looking man, and obviously caring, so why did she pack her bags?’
Mark: Raking a hand through his hair.  ‘It seems I simply was not caring enough according to my now ex-wife.  My son, Karl, he’s autistic – we hadn’t had the official ‘diagnosis’ then, of course, that alone was an uphill struggle, but his behaviour was becoming more challenging, and instead of being there for my wife… To be honest, I couldn’t wait to get out of the door, to bury myself in my work and my head in the sand, I guess.  Kate couldn’t do that.  She couldn’t walk away, physically or emotionally.  She was on her own with it – and she was lonely.  I realised that, too late, as it happened.  She couldn’t cope, and…  Well, eventually, she did walk away.  I don’t blame her, not really.’
Peggy:  ‘Mmm not sure about your thoughts there, but we’ll run our of time if we argue about whose to blame, but this little chap of yours, Karl, spelt with a K, you modern folk with names and spelling… Ahem…’  Pausing, ferrets for her hankie and gives her nose a dainty blow.  ‘Tell me a little about him.  How’s he getting on?’
Mark: Smiling brightly.  ‘Yeah, good.  Excellent, actually.  I mean he’ll always need support, caring for a child with autism is for life, you know, but he’s made real progress. He still throws a wobbly when he gets spooked, but the repetitive behaviours are less obvious.’
Peggy: ‘Repetitive behaviours?’ 

Mark:  ‘Hand-flapping when he gets stressed, that sort of thing.  Then there are the daily rituals you live your life by.’
Peggy: Crossing her legs and leaning forward.  ‘Could you tell me a little more about that, Mark?’
Mark: Looking straight at Peggy. ‘Well, it’s complicated but, simplistically, Karl has to do things in a certain order, or not all if he finds the situation too stressful, so we have to make sure his daily routine isn’t distracted from before he’s ready.  A shopping trip, for instance, can be a complete nightmare.  Or it used to be.  He was scared of traffic, of crowds, of shops, the noise seeming to close in on him and cause a total meltdown sometimes. Even background noises — noises most people couldn’t even hear – could drive Karl to distraction.  But now…’ Pausing to draw breath, ‘Now, he’s interacting with people more, verbally and socially.  It’s bloody… ahem, sorry.  It’s amazing.  And it’s all down to Starbuck, his Autism Assistance Dog, and to Donna.’
Peggy: ‘Sitting back. Ah, yes, Donna.  I’d heard you had your eye on a new woman.  From what I’ve learnt, she’s a bit scatty with a three legged dog and a rabbit that lives in the house.  How do you manage to find them?’

Mark: Laughing: ‘Finding Donna was nothing short of a miracle.  I hardly dared hope there’d be a woman out there with a heart big enough to love me and my son.  To be honest, I’d almost given up looking.  Better to have no dates, I decided, than short-term dates.  Karl needed stability, you know, and I’d have done pretty much anything to protect him at that stage…’
Peggy: Screwing her eyes up.  ‘Even lie to protect him?’
Mark: Sighing heavily.  ‘Yeah, that.  I can’t believe I almost blew it. Donna might be scatty, totally crackers sometimes, but she cares, you know?  Really cares.  Some people say they do, think they do, but when push comes to shove… Donna’s doesn’t just talk the talk.  She’s special, in the best possible way and would pretty much forgive anybody anything, so long as they didn’t mess with her son or her three-legged dog – or step on her rabbit. I’m happy with the whole package.  The rabbit chewing its way through ten pairs of bootlaces a week I could with do without…’ Mark crosses his legs. One highly-polished shoe flops a bit loose ‘…but it’s definitely a case of love me, love my dog, my son, my rabbit with Donna, so I guess I can live with it.’
Peggy: Checking her notes. ‘Tell me about the woman in the park who talks to dogs.  Have I read this right?’
Mark: Rolling his eyes.  ‘Ah, Agnes, the befriender of dogs and bequeather of balls. She lives at the care home adjoining the park.  She’s a bit senile, but harmless – unless she thinks you’ve cheated on your girlfriend, in which case she’s capable of GBH with a deadly weapon.’
Peggy: Laughing. ‘Her ball bag? Hardly a deadly weapon.’

Mark: ‘Have you ever had one of those things swung at you full force by an angry woman?  She was out for blood, I swear.’
Peggy: Eyes travelling suggestively downwards.  ‘Thank God, she missed her aim.’
Mark: Flushing.  ‘Ahem, yes.  As for whether she talks to the animals…  Well, she does, obviously.  Lonely, like I say.  But whether the dogs answer back or not?  If you’d asked me that pre-Donna’s three-legged dog and Starbuck, I’d have said, uh-uh,  no way. Loony idea.  Now, I’m not so sure they don’t.’
Peggy: Tapping her fingers on her note pad. ‘Your father is a bit senile, too, isn’t he?  Or is it he’s trying to appear that way because of the old biddies who are his neighbours?
Mark: Laughing. ‘And after his body, you mean?  A bit of both I reckon.  He’s on his own, too, after Mum died, as you know, and I think a mixture of loneliness and guilt – he cheated on her, Mum, I mean – led to him becoming a bit depressed.  I don’t think your mind’s as sharp as it should be when you feel that way.  He is getting older, though, and definitely more forgetful.  I’m going to have to keep an eye on that.  Truthfully, I think he does play on it, yes, when he wants to keep the ‘biddies’ at bay.’ 
Peggy: ‘I was going to ask you about Starbuck, because that part of your life made me cry, but I’m not going to let my visitors see me crying, they can find out all about him in the book. So let’s focus on something less emotional, tell me is this new woman in your life the real thing?’
Mark:  Pausing for thought, then looking levelly at Peggy:  ‘I love her.  All of her.  She makes my life complete.  I simply wouldn’t know how to be without her.  I wouldn’t want to be.’  

Somebody to Love

How do you tell her?

After that idiot of a husband ran off with that broomstick of a girl, single-mom Donna thinks there's no sunshine in her future.  What she needs now is a hunk of a guy who loves her and her three-legged dog with no complications.
Mark is a single dad with two big worries – protect and serve, and his autistic son Karl. Desperately he wants someone who'll love him and his son without question and with no complications.  He's been hurt before and Karl needs stability – not short dates.  So he'll do anything for his kid – even lie to protect him.
Can these two get it together and get together?  Is Mark the hunk Donna needs? Is Donna the rock Mark can lean on?  If they look hard enough, can they find Somebody to Love?

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Somebody to Love has been made with love... love of animals. Sheryl Browne has done excellent research on assistance dogs, specifically their use with autistic individuals. With a focus on romance with police officers, appealing to all readers who love our boys in blue, the author's "teasing but not telling" style makes this read appropriate for anyone, including young adults and older teens.

Somebody to Love is endorsed by Danemere Animal Rescue Centre and Our Dog Publications.

 You can learn more about Sheryl Browne and her books:

Publisher Buy Link:

Amazon Links:

LoveaHappyEnding Author Page:
Twitter: @sherylbrowne

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Today, I'm over in my other studio at Famous Five Plus chatting to the hunky Tex from United State of Love by Sue Fortin. Do pop along and meet him, he's a real cowboy, well he is to me!

Thursday, 5 July 2012

I'm Talking to a Chukkon!

Today, I'm over in my other little chat studio at Famous Five Plus talking to the life loving, if not a tad strange, Artie from Maycly. He's a Chukkon. I'm serious! Do pop along and meet him and you'll see just what I mean!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

My Dizzy Guest, Carol!

Today in my Chat studio I have a dizzy lady! You might raise an eyebrow, but that is what she is called these days, I kid you not! So sit back, enjoy a piece of Mrs Palmer's shortcake and find out why the lovely Carol from DizzyC's Little Book Blog is Dizzy!

Peggy: Hugging her guest. ‘Lovely that you came along to my little studio to have a natter, but Carol, my dear do enlighten me before we go too far, why on earth are you called Dizzy, you look so charming and in control?’  

Carol: Making herself comfortable in the large chair opposite, blushes. ‘Whoa, Peggy you say some of the nicest things, but I’m afraid that’s what I’m called these day. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression Dizzy Blonde, yes I know it’s an un PC reference to females who seem to be a sandwich short of a picnic, not that I am of course, but!  As you can see I am a natural brunette, I love my hair colour, but nevertheless I have many blonde moments. I’m inclined to be rather forgetful and repeat myself a lot. Quite a lot at times! One day, when I was having one of my blonde moments, my partner called me Dizzy and it stuck. Hence DizzyC.’

Peggy: Raising an eyebrow. ‘I’m sure he loves you to bits, dizzy or otherwise, but before we launch into my many questions, let us have a nice cup of tea, I’ve ordered some homemade shortcake from Mrs Palmer who lives next door to me and is a dab hand with a mixing bowl and a rolling pin.’
Carol: Reaching forward. ‘Thanks Peggy, I was told you make everyone comfortable and you certainly do.’

Peggy: Chuckling. ‘Now it’s my turn to blush, I just love having super people on my chat show and you are no exception.  Now, as we sip our tea and munch away on Mrs Palmer’s shortcake, you can tell me about yourself. You see I’ve been having a snoop around and I know that you have two lovely little blogs. I have one too you know, well of course you do you are going to be a star there. Oh dear, I’m rambling again so maybe it’s me that should be called Dizzy! As I was saying, I see from one of your blogs you’re an avid reader, what do you love really to read and feel free to be honest, there’s only you and me here?’

Carol: Brushing the crumbs from her knees. ‘Delicious shortcake as good as my grandmother used to make. Now as to what I love to read. I admit that my first love is historical fiction, mainly the romance sub-genre. I am also a big fan of chick-lit and chick-lit 40+.  I know this genre gets lot of stick for being fluffy and the title doesn't help. I have absolutely no problem with the genre.  I have a stressful and complicated family life so reading chick-lit is like having a chat with a friend and listening to their complicated life stories. It stops me from worrying about my own life when I have my head stuck in one of these books.’

Peggy: Frowning. ‘My dear, you do need to find an outlet for relaxation when you live in the fast lane and it is reassuring to know you have. I admit to reading chick-lit too, I just wish I was young enough to be like some of those girls in those novels, what exciting lives they have. Born too late, that’s my problem. So with all that you read do you ever dislike a book so much that you toss it to one side? I know I do!’

Carol: Laughing: ‘Yes Peggy, I do.  You know there are so many books to read and so little me time. I’m sure you’re up there with me on that problem. When I pick a book for the first time, I normally give it 50 pages to grab me, if it doesn’t then it will either be put back on the shelf to try again at a later date, or be banished to the Did not finish pile. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen! Also I sometimes put a book back on the shelf as there are times when I am just not in the mood for that particular genre or I can feel something in the writing, but it is just not right to read now. I hope this makes sense?’

Peggy: Looking at her notes. ‘It makes perfect sense. I too need to be in the mood to read certain books. I’ve made a note here, because this intrigued me, it seems you like to have a peek into what authors are busy doing now, whatever for?’

Carol: Smiling and leans forward. ‘Oh, this part of my blog has become quite a hobby since I discovered twitter.  I see tweets asking strange questions and think to myself, "I wonder if that is research for a new novel? What are they writing?"  I often see authors tweet that they are holed up in their offices procrastinating instead of tapping away at that word count and wonder what they are working on. I was so curious about what these authors where up to that I set up a feature on my Book blog, I aptly called it WIP Wednesday and it is here where authors can share their Work In Progress with readers. I never realised it would be so popular with both authors and readers alike. Start writing a book Peggy and you can be there too!’

Peggy: Grinning. ‘I leave the book writing to my dear, yet bossy friend, Pauline Barclay, you’ve no doubt heard of her, but for me I’ll stick to what I am best at and that is talking on my chat show to lovely interesting people. Though I think we are alike in many ways, one of them is being nosey!  Now as I glance down at my notes I see you have three darlings, well four if you count your other half, talking of which I believe that in less than twelve weeks you will be saying I do, tell me why now?’

Carol: Sitting back in her chair. ‘I can see nothing escapes you and yes you are right. Though I have been married before for over fourteen years, after that I was a single parent for three years and then I met the love of my life, D.  We settled together. I’ll be honest with you, I was happy not to get married again.  We have been together almost seven years and the last couple have been very testing for me, my partner has been my rock.  His commitment to me has really shone through and I now want to cement our relationship in marriage.’

Peggy: ‘He sounds wonderful. It certainly seems to me your partnership is what love is all about. I just might have to read more of those chic-lit books you never know, I might spy a good man whilst I’m browsing. I noticed on your blog you’ve talked about the flowers you’ll be having on your big day, but just as important tell me about the invitations because you designed and made them yourself?’

Carol: ‘Oh thank you Peggy, I’m blushing again. As for my flowers I do hope I can get those shades in September so I can recreate those table decorations.  If not I will find other flowers that will compliment what I have in mind.  One of my problems is I worry, I even have to invent things to worry about :) When I had only two children, I used to craft a lot, knitting, cross-stitching, glass painting, dress-making, a little card-making, but now I have three children and family life is hectic. Sadly this means I no longer do all the lovely crafty things I did, but I wanted to make my own invitations. I wanted to do this for several reason, one I love doing this kind of thing. Two, I wanted to get exactly what I wanted and three, I guess it was cost effective.  There is a step by step on my Wedding blog showing the materials I used and how I created them. Take a peek when you can.’

Peggy: ‘I will for certain, but let’s go back to you and book reviewing, what made you turn your love of reading into reviewing?

Carol: Gazing round the room. ‘I had never heard of blogging and then one day, I stumbled across a Book blog whilst looking for book recommendations. I was very interested in what I saw and decided to follow a few of these blogs as I started to order books that were recommended.  After a couple of months, I decided I loved the blogging community and the passion these folks were sharing with others about books, so I decided I would like to be part of that environment. From there I set up my own blog, Little Book blog. I expected it to be quite small compared to some of the blogs I was following, but in a short space of time, it grew and grew. I never dreamed when I started my Little Book Blog, that I would be showcasing authors, hosting giveaways and have hundreds of followers.  I LOVE BOOK BLOGGING COMMUNITY.’

You can see Carol’s amazing blog sites by visiting:

Wedding Blog

Meet Carol on:

Twitter @DizzyCLBB

Monday, 18 June 2012

Amanda Wilson, Rioja & Red Hair!

Today you can find me over at talking to the fiftyish Amanda Wilson from Mini Skirts & Laughter Lines by Carol E Wyer! Believe you me she's changed my thoughts of a raspberry ripple. Anyway, if you fancy a giggle then pop along and help us quaff the bottles of Rioja I has specially sent in. Mind, Amanda has already dealt with one bottle and it's only 10am.... what have I let myself in for?

Friday, 8 June 2012

Cheeky Radio Presenter, Pete Forsyth!

Today I have the lovely, yet cheeky, radio presenter from Replay Radio, Pete Forsyth with me in my chat studio and what an entertaining person he is. Please take a seat, sit back and enjoy meeting the one and only Pete Forsyth!

Peggy: Looking towards the open door. ‘Come on in Peter, don’t be shy, though from the earlier conversations we’ve had I know that is not true, so stop hovering and sit yourself down, we got a show to get through.’
Pete: Settling into the chair opposite a cheeky smile making his eyes sparkle. ‘Before we begin, may I ask you to call me Pete? Only my Mum and other figures of authority, calls me Peter!’
Peggy: Laughing. ‘Good grief you don’t see me as a figure of authority then? Well you can rest assured, you might be able to charm the dickie birds of the trees, but you’ll find I’m not such a soft touch. But for now never mind all that, so Pete it is as you so nicely insisted.’
Pete: Winking. ‘Thanks Peggy, I feel flattered by what you’ve just said, especially about the dickie birds! I like to think I have a sunny personality and yes of course, when I see a lovely lady sitting in front of me my natural charm comes to the fore, though others may say I’m a bit too forward sometimes but that’s just me!’

Peggy: Flicking her hair. ‘Forward, your reputation goes before you, hence why you’re here. I like the rugged, the devilish and the ones who make me smile. Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty. You’re a radio presenter, now let me tell you I love radio, Terry Wogan made my mornings for more years than I care to count as his Irish brogue lifted my spirits. So baring this in mind, I would say your job is about as wonderful as mine with day in day out meetings of super stars and celebs.’

Pete: Laughing. ‘I’ve certainly spoken to some amazing people over the years. Ever heard of Collete Caddle? Not only a talented author, but like you Peggy a lovely lady. Now having said this, unlike you I don’t consider what I do as a “job”. I don’t get paid nearly enough to justify that title and anyway, if it was a “job”, I probably wouldn’t enjoy it as much as I do. I’m a zannie kind of guy.’

Peggy: Grabbing a book from the shelves behind her chair. ‘Heaven only knows what that means, zannie, but suffice to say, I love the word. Now back to this lovely lady, Collete, I’ve got a copy of one of her books here, Always on my Mind, a great read and you’re right of course, I am very much like the lovely Collete, though a tad older, but I have the same striking personality. Oh dear, we’ve rather digressed, let’s get back to you and being a radio presenter. Tell me is it necessary to have your earphones on and right in your face such a big mic?’

Pete: ‘That BIG mic, as you put it, is actually an extension of myself! I am what I say, so to speak. What I saw  through that big mic is the real me. Of course there are times when it is important, nay, VITAL, to have it securely switched OFF. But that’s another story!!’

Peggy: Interested. ‘You mean to say you forget to switch it off and little secrets get broadcast. Goodness gracious me! Remind me when you invite me to your studio to have my fingers firmly on the off button. In the meantime, I’ll pay more attention to your show you never know just what I might pick up on. Talking of which, do tell me about this funny voice you do?’

Pete: Running his fingers through his hair. ‘Oh you mean my Thunderbird sketch? It’s not my funny voice, but in fact I mime to a funny sequence I’d put together ages ago when I was living in Tenerife. I play the parts of Parker (the chauffeur), Lady Penelope, and Jeff Tracy. Complete with quick hat changes, it works quite well.’

Peggy: Folding her arms across her ample bosom: ‘Call me strange, but how do you mime on a radio?’

Pete: Shaking his head. ‘Let me explain. When I lived in Tenerife and incidentally, Corfu for a few years, I was DJ in a few fun bars and clubs where I played the kind of stuff drunk, er I mean, happy, holidaymakers wanted. Middle of the road oldie songs and current pop music! To add more fun to the evening I also did a few sketches, one of these sketches was Thunderbirds, like I’ve just mentioned. I’ll admit to you Peggy, but only for your ears, some of my sketches were only for the eyes and ears of the drunken, I mean the happy holidaymakers. And before you ask for details, I’m going to have to stop you as I couldn’t possibly offend your delicate, and may I say not unattractive, ears with what made those merry holiday makers laugh! But one thing I can tell you, and I know this will surprise you, I was responsible for exporting the very first Karaoke equipment to Corfu, way back in 1990 when you were just a slip of a girl.’

Peggy: Wringing her hands. ‘You are a naughty charmer, but I like you. Now let us get back to what we started this show talking about, your wonderful life as a radio DJ’.

Pete: ‘I can see you know which button to press to keep me talking to you and you’ve already got my measure, yes, I love being on t’radio! I broadcast from my studio which is situated in the shed at the bottom of my garden! It only just holds me and I have to squeeze myself in so I can close the door! But once in, I have everything to hand, so to speak! If you wanted to come and see my equipment you’d have to sit on my knee!’

Peggy: Batting her eyelids. ‘Oh my goodness, you are a very cheeky man, but I do love a man who makes me smile and believe you me, you certainly do.’

Pete: ‘Are you flirting with me Peggy? If you want my private mobile number, just ask!  I’ll give you an interview that’ll make even YOU blush!!’

Peggy: Laughing. ‘You’ll have your work cut out, but I’m up for being interviewed with a famous DJ anytime. I’ll scribble down your number just as soon as we’ve finished this show.’

Pete: ‘You’re on Peggy, but I’m not sure I’m a famous presenter, yet! But I’m working on it! Mind, I’m actually on three radio stations. Thursdays - 10pm – midnight, I do a golden oldies slot for ex Radio Caroline station Radio Northsea International, I also do an 80s show, Wednesdays 10pm – midnight on my local community radio station Phoenix FM, and I do a LIVE broadcast to the world on Replay Radio, Fridays 8pm – 10pm. All are great fun but Replay is the best because the listeners can interact with me LIVE whilst I’m on air. So Peggy you can natter with me anytime when I’m on Replay Radio and the world can hear us. What do you say to that? Oh by the way did I tell you I’m going to Lanzarote in the summer and it seems the hotel I’ve booked is very close to the sea, but at the top of a short steep hill. You’ll never guess what that nosey author friend of ours told me? She said  it’s quite a nice hill. A nice hill? What the f, sorry, what the heck is a NICE HILL? Anyway enough of my chat, I could do this all day you know, but before you press the off button on the mic, it’s been lovely talking to you Peggy and maybe we can do it again sometime, but next time over a glass of three of Merlot? Here’s my number, so just call me.’

If you’d love to listen to Pete on the radio here are all the links
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